The Problem

Too many stock lost to dogs and too much pasture eaten by kangaroos. When agriculture was first being established in Australia, feral and wild animal movements and populations were restricted by the availability of water. With the proliferation of water infrastructure, wild dogs and feral animals are now a larger problem then ever before.

Previous Solutions

In the mid 1800s the solution was to use mesh fencing. This worked well at excluding unwanted pests and predators but was costly to construct and maintain. Electric fencing, either by itself or as an addition to standard fences also works, however if it is shorted out it loses its effectiveness.

The Best Solution

Electric Fencing can now be electronically monitored 24/7 and report directly to your phone if there is a problem. JVA has a solution in a box. We know you're probably not an electrician, so we have done all the wiring for you. The energizer, monitor, mobile phone connection, solar panel and more, all in a weather proof box ready to mount on a pole.

Introducing the PTE2500

The PTE2500 Electric Fence Station combines all our great technology in one secure, waterproof enclosure. It comes with one MB16, a powerful 16 Joule energizer that is capable of creating a barrier that stretches 20km, 10km in each direction. Two ZM1's monitor these 10km stretches of fence to check for faults. The energizer and monitors are connected to our cellular gateway which reports to our Cloud Router. The Cloud Router can then notify you via SMS or email whether there are issues on your fence, and at any time you can login to see the fence voltages, live, and monitor the status of your fence.

New! The PTE2501 Sectorized System

The PTE2501 uses the latest monitor technology, the ZM20, which can also tell you exactly where the problem is on your fence. It still has the same secure, solar-powered, waterproof enclosure, powerful MB16 energizer, and Cloud Router remote monitoring and control system. ZM20s, like ZM1s, can accurately detect faults all the way to the end of even very old fences. In addition the ZM20, when used with new or good quality fencing, splits each 10km stretch into 20 sectors. If a short occurs, the Cloud Router system will tell you in exactly which sector the fault occurred, and even the percentage distance along. Save even more time on fence maintenance with the latest technology from JVA.

Compare the value for 20km of monitored fence

Others charge you more for just an energizer, we put everything in the box.


Lets you know as soon as there is a fault on your fence line. The PTE2501 will even tell you exactly where it is.

Easy to use

Using JVA's Cloud Router you can turn on and off your fence straight from your mobile phone.

Enjoy peace of mind

Check your electric fence voltage on your mobile phone, whenever you like, from where ever you are.

No Bull

We do not say it will power 200km of fence, and we do not claim it's the biggest in the world. It's probably the best value though.

Solar Powered

With a 250W panel and deep cycle batteries this system will tick away without maintenance, so you can get on with more important things.

Powerful yet Safe

JVA energizers comply with Australian and International safety standards. We aim to put over 6kV on every live wire for the whole length of the fence


Looking for a fence station to suit a different need? Contact JVA sales for a fully customised solution